Commonly Used Functions

Call Park (Hold)

*70 When using this code it is best to use the attended transfer feature so you can wait for system to give parking spot number. Read More

Call Transfer

Transfer + Extension number Read More

Auto Attendant Codes

There is a unique * code created to listen to and record messages for Auto attendants for each Auto Attendant that uses the Record via Phone Announcement option. This information can also be found in the Help box when the option is selected.
*32X is used to record the greeting (321 is the default Main AA and 322 is the default After hours AA)

*33X is used to listen to the existing recording for the AA (Again 331 is the default Main AA and 332 is the default After hours AA)
The final position will increase to double (and triple) digits as needed.

Voicemail Recording

*+extension will allow you to access the mailbox assigned to that extension from any phone on the context.
Extension+* will go directly to the voicemail box for the extension without ringing the phone first. This can be used in conjunction with the transfer feature to send a called right to VM. Read More

Retrieve Voicemails

All voicemails are programmed to be sent to an email address associated with the business. Read More

Answering a Second Call

Two options will show up at the bottom of the screen on your phone, allowing you to accept or reject the call. Read More

Directed Call Pick up (if enabled)

*8+Extension will allow a user to answer a call ringing at another extension. This feature only works for calls to that extension directly. Calls ringing that end point that were routed there via a group or queue cannot be picked up with this feature.

Intercom (if enabled)

<Dialing to a Polycom device>

<Dialing to an Aastra device>

<Dialing to a Yealink device>

Listen Live (if enabled)

Dial *57 + an extension number to listen in on a conversation. You will not be able to talk to either party.

Dial *58 + an extension number to barge in on a call. You will be able to speak to the extension that you dialed.
Please note that in both cases after sending the codes above the dialing party will need to enter the password entered in the portal when the feature was enabled.

Caller ID blocking

*67+Telephone_number can be used to block the outgoing CID information for that call.

Call Center

*01+agent_id To log in to the queues the agent is a member of.

*00+agent_id To log out of the queues the agent is a member of.

*02++agent_id To pause or ‘make busy’ the agent.

*03+agent+id To un-pause or remove ‘make busy’ status from the agent.

Hosted Fax

To send a fax, type a 1 followed by the fax number and in the “To” field of an email. For example 1<number> Note that only attached items will be sent as a fax and all attached items must be sent as a .pdf file. Anything typed in the message field will not be sent.