When we began working with Busscher’s, they were looking to combine and reduce their phone bills. The business had acquired several other businesses in the past, but kept the same phone bills for each business. We came in and talked to them about how the business was run, and discovered that most of the daily activity was directed through a central location with several teams out on the road. In the end, we were able to save the Busscher’s over $170 every month, and allowed them to pay just one bill instead of four.

Pinnacle Cleaning came to us with a problem: they were moving and AT&T wouldn’t let them take their phone number with them. They had been using this number for years, and didn’t want to lose business as a result of switching numbers. We were able to port their number, and also provided another unique solution for them. We set up a phone number that off-site employees could call in to and leave a voicemail to use as a time card system. The voicemails were emailed to the company, verifying the information from the employees with a timestamp. Two solutions–same price.

Bob Tolsma had been using his home phone number as his business number ever since his business began. However, his business was growing and he needed to be able to take business calls while he was on the road. For less than $30 per month, we were able to provide a simple solution that would route his business calls to his cellphone.

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